Buckner ElderCare Assistance

What if you outlived your assets?

Many of today’s seniors live on fixed incomes and are in jeopardy of outliving their assets. Perhaps they have lived in a safe, secure senior living environment for years, and now find themselves unable to afford the place that they have called home. When that happens, you can help with even the smallest of donations.

Buckner ElderCare Assistance distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to qualifying residents living in our communities. But it is not enough. More funding is needed each year to help adult seniors with room, board and physical/emotional care. Today, there are a variety of options available for you to help support Buckner ElderCare:

• Give a gift of cash
• Give a gift of stock or real estate
• Give a gift in honor or memory of a loved one
• Give a gift through a bequest.

They’ve given to us – Now we can give back to them
Please consider supporting those who sacrificed their time and lives for us. With your donation, you can give the gift of a safe, secure home in a Christian culture of care. Won’t you take a moment to help us meet the financial demands of just one senior? You can make a difference with your thoughtful donation.

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